Do You Need a Tree Inspection?

tree inspection
The trees on your property are essential to the local ecosystem and add beauty to your home. Take care of your trees with regular tree inspections every three years. For professional help for your trees, reach out to a company specializing in tree service in Farmington, CT

If you’re wondering if you need a tree inspection, read on. An arborist should check out every tree to ensure it is in good health, especially after a damaging storm. Without inspections, your tree may have structural damage or fall ill, and you’ll have no way of knowing. 

What Happens During a Tree Inspection?

An expert will meet you at your home and thoroughly examine your trees during an inspection. They’ll look for the following:

  • Storm damage
  • Structural issues
  • Broken or weak limbs
  • Disease
  • Pests 
  • Soil health 

The following is an in-depth explanation of some elements your tree professional will cover. 


Trees often sustain damage from high winds, rain, and lightning. During an inspection, the professional will examine the bark and limbs for signs of wear. If found, the arborist will guide you to proper pruning techniques and help the tree recover from the damage. 


The arborist will detect any signs of impending illness or disease your tree may have. Hazardous trees may require removal. If you need tree removal, your specialist will explain the process.


A tree will show obvious signs it has pests, which will eventually kill the tree. The specialist may perform some tree maintenance to remove any problems. They will guide you through the maintenance steps to ensure lasting effects for your property’s health. 

Soil Health 

Quality soil is imperative for your tree’s health. A tree receives all its nutrients through the soil; poor soil health will kill an otherwise healthy tree. 

The arborist will test your soil and see what nutrients, if any, it may lack. They’ll show you how to improve the soil for the tree’s optimal health. 

The Importance of Tree Services

Trees are living things and require consistent care, feeding, and protection. An expert helps you determine your tree’s current health and any issues you may experience down the line.

Checking a tree’s health is essential for the tree’s longevity and will affect the entire property. During tree inspections, you can have all your questions answered. An arborist will explain the following:

  • Proper watering techniques 
  • How to care for your soil
  • When to prune 

Depending on the location of the tree, you may need additional pruning to stop branches from falling into your neighbor’s yard. This pruning is necessary for the safety of the tree and the people living near it. 

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To protect your tree’s health during a storm, you must know how to brace a large leaning tree

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