Six Tree Service Myths That You Should Not Believe

tree service myths
We know that some of the best moments in life take place under the shade of a tree. Whether picnicking with your family or relaxing with a good book, it’s hard to beat the feeling you get when surrounded by nature’s beauty.

But do you know how to take care of them properly? Unfortunately, the world is full of tree service myths that can impact the health of trees.

To help you keep your trees happy and healthy, your trusted tree service in Farmington, CT, has compiled a list of six common tree care myths and what you should do instead.

Six Common Myths About Tree Care That Aren’t True

Myth #1: Trees Are Best Left to Nature.

Trees need regular care to thrive, just like any other living thing. They have a way of taking care of themselves as self-regulating organisms. However, they need our help, too.

Otherwise, they become more vulnerable to the adverse effects of weather, disease, and pests, making them less likely to reach their full potential.

Myth #2: I Should Only Prune My Trees During Spring or Summer.

The best time for pruning and tree trimming is when it needs doing—not necessarily when the weather is ideal.

You can carry out tree trimming anytime the tree isn’t actively growing new leaves or buds. This includes wintertime and fall when there aren’t many leaves on the branches. You can also trim an old dying branch on an unhealthy tree to prevent it from becoming hazardous.

Myth #3: Trees Need Very Little Water.

Although trees do not require much water, this is one of the most misleading tree service myths out there. Trees need regular watering during dry periods to prevent them from drying out completely.

If your trees are wilting during dryer months or have brown leaves or needles, it might be time to check your sprinkler system or add more irrigation pipes to your yard.

Myth #4: Trees Need Lots of Water Year-Round to Grow Strong Roots.

While it’s true that trees need plenty of water when they’re young (from seedlings through adolescence), once they’re mature, they only need enough water every week or two throughout the summer months to stay healthy and strong.

Myth #5: If I Prune My Tree, it Will Get Sick.

Actually, the opposite is true. Pruning is beneficial to trees because it helps them grow stronger and healthier.

Every branch acts as a weight-bearing structure for the rest of the trunk, so if you remove some dead or broken branches, you’re helping prevent future problems from developing in your tree.

Myth #6: Insects Are the Only Thing That Can Harm My Trees.

Of all the tree service myths, this is the most misleading. Insects can be harmful to your trees, but so can people, microbial life, and more! It’s important to keep an eye on your trees and ensure no one is damaging them when they walk under them or no fungi or bacterial diseases are attacking them.


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