How To Brace a Large Leaning Tree Before a Storm

The winter season encourages thoughts of needed holidays, hot chocolate, and comfortable indoor days. But snowy days also put tremendous pressure on the trees of your property. Heavy snowfalls and blustering winds blow tree branches into power lines, break weak tree branches, and decrease the lifespan of your trees.

To prepare your trees for the coming snow, contact your local tree service contractors in Farmington, CT, to receive professional care for your trees. Continue reading to learn more about how to brace a large leaning tree before Mother Nature’s fury arrives. 

The Importance of Preparing Trees Before a Storm 

Trees prove incredibly resilient to severe environmental conditions. Even trees struck by lightning may survive if provided the proper treatment and care. Preparing your trees for winter weather begins with regular tree maintenance. Healthy trees withstand strong winds and the heavy burdens of snow much more effectively than weak, dying trees.

Some tips to prepare your trees for the windy conditions of winter include the following: 

Tree Fertilization 

Trees often require additional nutrients from fertilizers to flourish. The soil in urban and suburban environments may lack the proper nutrients to support lush canopies and expanding tree roots. Consider applying slow-releasing or liquid fertilizers in the fall to give your trees added nutrients in preparation for winter. 

Watering and Pruning

Regular pruning and watering of trees prevent overhanging branches from contacting power lines and breaking off. Watering trees adds essential moisture to tree roots competing endlessly for water during cold, dry seasons. Contact your local arborists for tree health treatment plans and directional pruning services. 

How To Brace a Large Leaning Trees

Once your tree receives routine care, cabling and bracing your tree adds additional support designed to prevent strong winds from breaking away weak branches. Bracing services require the help of professionals as special equipment, like lifts and high-tension metal stakes, poses safety risks to untrained individuals.

Bracing services include the following: 

Guy Wires

Guy wires consist of multiple metal wires attached to the tree’s base and anchored metal stakes into the ground. Guy wires support trees of four-inch diameters or greater by bracing trees for windy winter days. Tree stables, like guy wires and metal stakes, protect trees from deteriorating when winter storms arrive. 

Bracing Rods

Trees often grow from multiple trunks, forming a V shape. If the angle developed by the dual trunks remains less than a 45-degree angle, bracing rods and cabling improve your trees’ chances of surviving the winter season. Bracing rods consist of steel wires threaded through bolts attached to the tree trunk. The steel wires prevent cracks in tree bark from widening and support the canopy for the impact of gusting winds. 

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