Things To Consider When Removing Tree Stumps on Your Property

Removing tree stumps can prevent further harm to your property and those living there. Besides tree stumps looking unsightly and lowering your home’s property value, they also present safety risks. 

If you have children or pets, they can easily trip over a tree stump. Tree stumps also make yardwork like mowing more complex and can injure you or your equipment. Lastly, tree stumps can rob nutrients from nearby tree roots, flowers, grass, etc. 

For these reasons, most experts recommend removing tree stumps. However, before deciding to remove that entire stump, there are a few things to consider. We’ll explore these considerations and when to call a tree service contractor in Farmington, CT

Top Considerations When Removing a Tree Stump

Before removing tree stumps, you should consider the following: 

Check the Tree’s Stability 

Often homeowners are faced with removing a tree stump due to having a dead or dying tree on their property. Removing a tree will typically require a team to climb it. Checking your tree’s stability is crucial, as a tree rotting from the inside can be unstable and a fall risk to those who climb it.

Clear Debris Like Rotten Branches 

Whether you’re already in the process of cutting down your tree or are dealing with the aftermath, you’ll need to clear away debris. Unfortunately, this debris often includes rotting branches. 

For fallen branches, you can remove these items yourself using gloves. However, if you still need to cut down significant portions of your tree, you should call a professional arborist team. They can safely and efficiently cut down rotting branches.

Check Local Regulations 

While a tree might technically be on your property, you may not have the authority to remove it. Cities often have specific regulations regarding removing trees, and you’ll want to ensure you follow all of those. In addition, you may need to acquire permission to remove a tree from your property. 

Fire or Electrocution Risks

City councils often have strict regulations for removing trees due to the risk of fire or electrocution. Cutting down a tree can cause it to hit some powerlines or cause other property damage. 

A professional team can safely and effectively cut down a tree and remove its stump without causing fires or other disasters. The right team will use equipment like safety glasses and the proper climbing tools to do the job correctly. 

Sometimes Stump Grinders Don’t Work 

Homeowners typically use a stump grinder when removing tree stumps from their property. However, the type of wood you’re dealing with will determine what grinder you should use and whether or not this method will work. 

Hire a professional tree care service team to determine the right tools and techniques. 

You Need to Check Your Tree’s Roots

Tree roots can threaten your property, even if you can’t see them. For example, if a tree’s roots have grown into your underground pipes’ network, trying to remove the stump can cause further damage. A trained arborist can examine your tree’s roots and take appropriate precautions to limit damage.

Different Stumps Require Different Methods 

Some stumps are more complicated to remove than others. Determining if you should remove a stump or not, however, can be challenging. A professional arborist crew will help you explore options. They can also explain what to do following the stump removal process, like how you can reuse wood chips. 

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