Does Home Insurance Cover Tree Removal in Southington?

Tree removal as a result of storm damage may be covered by home insurance, but not always. If the trees are unstable, look for a professional who offers tree removal services. You should also inspect your trees on a regular basis to identify unhealthy ones. If you suspect that hurricanes or strong winds could cause your trees to fall, you should conduct an inspection.

Fallen trees are hazardous because they can cause property damage or personal injury. Also, make sure you have insurance coverage for perils such as a storm. USA Tree Experts LLC is a Southington, CT-based company that specializes in tree removal and other tree services for residents.

Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Fallen Trees after a Storm in Southington, CT?

The standard homeowners’ insurance policy covers tree removal in some instances. It depends on where the tree fell. Here are some cases where the insurance will not cover the tree removal:

  • If a tree falls and damages your house, garage, fence, or any other insured property at your home, the insurance will cover the tree removal.
  • If the tree fell in an empty yard due to hail, ice, or snow, your insurance provider may not cover the tree removal. However, if the fallen tree is blocking a driveway, your insurance provider may cover the removal.
  • If a tree falls on an insured structure, such as a garage, fence, or house, and the cause was fire, lightning, or another covered disaster, the homeowners’ insurance will pay for tree removal.
  • If the tree falls on an empty lot due to lightning or another covered peril, the insurance will pay for tree removal.
  • If the tree fell on an empty lot as a result of a flood, earthquake, age, or wood rot.
  • Assume a storm causes a tree on your neighbor’s property to fall on your property or yard. In that case, insurance will cover the tree removal through a process called subrogation, which means your insurance company will claim from your neighbor’s insurance company.
  • Your standard homeowners’ insurance policy should cover a tree that falls into your home, regardless of where the tree originated. If the tree falls in an empty yard, the insurance company will not cover tree removal unless it blocks something, such as the driveway.

If only one tree fell and caused no damage, you can cover the removal costs, but if it caused damage to your property, you can file a claim with your insurance company because the repairs could be costly. If there is a falling tree on your property, USA TREE Experts LLC has a qualified team to help you with tree removal services to avoid accidents and any tree damage. The tree removal cost is usually 5 percent of your dwelling’s coverage.

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Which Type Of Damage Does Insurance Cover And How Much In Southington?

Fire Damage

Many homeowners have experienced fire damage. As a result, it is critical to have insurance coverage just in case. Hotel, rental, and food expenses are covered by the homeowners’ insurance company. This occurs when the house has been completely destroyed by fire and must be rebuilt. Avoid any accidents or tree damage.

Natural Disaster Damages

Some disasters are usually covered by homeowners’ insurance. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, lightning, and hail are examples of natural disasters.

Flood Damage

Floods caused by problems such as leaking water systems in the house or other interior causes are covered by insurance. Floods caused by other natural disasters or problems outside the house are not covered by home insurance. You can purchase flood insurance separately—the coverage limits for flood damage in Southington, CT range from $3,510 to $3,787.

Damage To The Interior Or Exterior Of Your House

If your home or commercial property is damaged by storms, lightning, hurricanes, vandalism, or any other disaster, your insurance will cover the repairs. Floods, poor home maintenance, and earthquakes are not covered by insurance.

You must have a separate insurance policy for such situations. If interior items such as furniture, clothing, and other items are destroyed, the insurance will cover them as well. This occurs if the events that caused the damage are covered by insurance. The insurance company will pay you 50 to 70% of your total insurance amount.

Personal Liability For Damage Or Injuries

Personal liability is used to cover claims made by others against you. It is used to protect a third party. For example, if your dog bites someone else on your property or elsewhere, the insurance will cover the medical expenses. It includes people who have been injured while visiting your home or business.

Personal liability insurance can help landlords cover any injuries to their tenants in their commercial building, such as if a tenant or visitor slips and falls. You may be held liable for that person’s medical expenses. Personal liability is limited to $10.

Why Choose Our Tree Removal Services In Southington, CT?

We have the experience needed to provide quality tree removal services at USA TREE Experts LLC in Southington, CT. We also have the best equipment available. Another advantage is that we are licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can work with us with confidence. We also provide free estimates and are a family-owned business. We are the most recommended tree service in Southington, CT. We make certain that our tree removal services are of high quality.

Our rates are reasonable, and we respond quickly. We will respond to your inquiries within 24 hours of receiving them. We will work with your insurance companies to make sure everything is in order.

We offer free consultations and have good customer service in terms of communication and providing the best services to our customers. Apart from tree removal, we offer other services like tree inspection, tree trimming and pruning, emergency tree services, stump grinding, cabling and bracing, land clearing, and lightning damage prevention. For quality services, contact us at 860-877-5803.

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